Brain Supplements

For thousands of years humans used herbs, plant extracts and minerals for cognitive enhancement and improvement of mental capabilities to maximize their competitiveness and longevity.

Coffee and tea are the two most famous psychoactive stacks used by millions of people on a daily base to stimulate brain function.

Currently, nootropics, as these cognitive improving dietary supplements are called, are widely consumed by various age groups as pills, capsules, beverages, as well as energy bars and powders.

Nootropics are taken mainly for several reasons:

1.       As a healthy addition to an already overall healthy lifestyle by supplementing daily dietary allowances,

2.       To cope with and excel in mastering daily challenges to mental and cognitive capacity,

3.       To avert or delay the onset of disabling neurological diseases, such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Parkinson’s Disease.

Dietary supplements are mostly taken by individuals reporting good or excellent health. They carefully balance and chose their diet, exercise on a regular base, maintain proper body weight, and avoid tobacco consumption. These customers are likely to experience overall increased energy levels, improved mental energy, enhanced focus and reduced fatigue.

Many essential nutrients and minerals are taken up by a healthy and balanced diet or produced by our body. However, unhealthy diet, dietary restrictions, stress and sleep deprivation prevents adequate supply of essential nutrients. Well balanced dietary supplements can help to overcome nutritional deficiencies and help maintain good health and improve mental energy. But nootropics cannot make up for a unhealthy lifestyle and cannot compensate for lack of nutritious and varied foods, regular exercise and good sleep quality.