A “Turbo Charge” for Your Brain?

A study by Robert Reinhart, Assistant Professor at Boston University, describes the importance of synchronized action between two brain regions, the medial frontal cortex and the lateral prefrontal cortex, for decision making and initiation of action.

Both brain regions must be in sync through oscillations for improved task related learning and normal behavior. These oscillations are known to be disrupted in patients suffering from chronic neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer Disease, Parkinsons Disease, Autism, and Schizophrenia, to list few.

Dr. Reinhart developed a technique for stimulation of the synchronizing oscillations. He does that by using a cap fitted with electrodes. Small electrical currents guided through these electrodes stimulate the brain for 30 seconds. He proposes his brain stimulation method for recharging your brain during your lunch break but also emphasize that the capabilities and limits of electrical brain stimulation must be further explored and investigated.


Categories: Neuroscience, New insights

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